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Why Believe in Jesus?


To Receive All That God Is and Says

John 3: 31-36

July 26, 2015



John 1:14, 16

  • To believe in Jesus is to put your stamp of approval on ALL that God is and says.


  • The connection to all that God is and says.

  1. Jesus IS from God

Romans 5:17 & 19

1 Cor ?:?(missed)

John 3:6


2.    Jesus is full OF God

1 John 3:6


3.   Jesus speaks and rules AS God

Col. 1:17

1 John 5:10


  • How should we respond?

  1. Cherish your forgiveness and live(?missed end)

John 8:34-36


2.   Trust God's love and don't supress the Spirit's lifting of your spirit

1 Thes. 5:19-20


3.   Let Jesus speak as God  to you. Let Jesus rule as God in your life.

Phil 2:9-11












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