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Why Believe in Jesus?


To Know How to Worship God

John 4: 20-26

August 23, 2015



  • How God is to be worshipped is explicitly defined by GOD. 
  • There is only ONE way to God
  • Worship is NOT limited to location


Why does Jesus mention worshipping "The Father"?


1.     God is the Father of the Samaritans.


2.     God is the Father of those who choose Him.

John 1:12


3.     God is the Father of the Son.

 John 3:35, 5:19,22,23,&26, 14:13


  • Jesus emphasizes that it's not where you worship but who.

John 8:19  Matthew 15:9  John 4:23




There is no true religion without Jesus.


There is no true worship without Jesus.

John 5:23, 42-43  8:19


*You can't worship who you reject.

Luke 10:16  Matthew 10:40  John 5:46


  • The company you keep has great influence on your faith.


  • Being saved and worshipping God are one.


  • True worship requires the new birth.








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