Imagine A Church Where ...

Everything is designed to help you and your family in your spiritual journey. You can check out Christianity and seek answers to spiritual questions, completely without pressure. The dress is casual, the message is relevant and you can be as anonymous as you want.


What makes this Church so different?

Anonymity - You can relax when you visit Clay Community knowing that no one is going to single you out, put a visitor sticker on you or otherwise embarrass you. This is truly a safe place to find answers at your own pace.

Casual atmosphere - You wore business clothes all week, go ahead and put on that comfortable pair of jeans. You can come to this church dressed casually. Grab a cup of coffee and relax. We work hard to provide an environment where you can just sit back and enjoy the service.

Contemporary music - No hymnals, choir, or organ! Sorry, while the 1780's were interesting times, the music just doesn't quite fit anymore. Instead, we have a band with upbeat contemporary music. You'll probably hear songs you know and certainly songs you can relate to.

Practical messages - Every message is designed to address real everyday issues we all face. Things like parenting, family issues or financial tensions.

A safe atmosphere for your children, and one they'll really enjoy - for infants through 6th grade - There are age specific classes designed by our team of qualified children's leaders. The curriculum is designed to be both fun and educational for your children. For more details, visit our Kids page.

High-energy teen events - Designed for fun and to provide a new perspective on their life in their language. For more information check out our Teens page.

Small groups - Meeting weekly. For details, visit our Small Groups page.


Where can I find Clay Community Church?

Clay Community Church 801-7 Blanding Blvd Orange ParkFL 32065

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